"I was blessed to attend a Think College Access workshop today with my daughter and it was MAGNIFICENT! I feel so prepared for the process that lies ahead of us as she prepares for the next phase of her life."

-Desiree Williams, Parent-


college Access Intro

Today’s informed applicants become tomorrow’s accepted students. This workshop demystifies the process and empowers students and their families to confidently navigate the college admission process.  It provides a complete overview of the entire college application process from picking schools to pressing submit and so much more


Between finishing high school strong and applying to college, senior year is a real balancing act.   This comprehensive workshop provides a step by step roadmap, timeline, and the need-to-know info that enables you to avoid common admission pitfalls and effectively manage the critical senior year. We help you maximize the short time between back to school and graduation day without missing a beat.


It’s easy to go with what we know, but with thousand of colleges and universities to choose from, why limit yourself? This seminar encourages students to look beyond the familiar and find schools that encourage their interests and ideas. Students learn how to identify schools that meet them academically, socially and financially. Best fit college selection directly impacts acceptance, retention, graduation and scholarships.  We break down what it means to choose wisely and how to do it

Great College Applications

Great applications distinguish you from other applicants with similar credentials.  Your answers to every question send subtle messages, to the admission committee, about your fit for their school.  This workshop helps students capture and keep the admission officer’s attention, connect their personal brand to every aspects of their application while introducing them to much needed resources, Common App navigation and basic essay development.

Essay Essentials 101

Great essays can be admission decision tipping points. They are the student’s gateway to personalizing applications and highlighting their writing skills.  This workshop teaches candidates how to craft their unique story.   Hands-on techniques demonstrate the impact of using each type of essay to show your story, rather than simply tell it.  Students utilize a proven best practices to set writing goals and create working drafts that develop into attention and acceptance grabbing final essays.

Essay Essentials 102

This follow up workshop takes the essay to the next level.  Working drafts are analyzed for their effectiveness.  Students dissect their ideas and tailor their voices to insure that they have met and exceeded original writing goals.  Students learn to flesh out and scrutinize essays from admission and funding committee’s perspectives. They emerge with the know-how to independently craft essays that reflect their brand and motivate the reader to action.

Maximizing Your College Experience

Accepted students need to begin their college experience with the end in mind.  Graduating is great, but graduating with awesome opportunities is better. This workshop helps students develop an on campus action plan that results in a road map for future success. Successful college experiences create successful lives.