College students on the same campus pay different prices for the same degree.Shop for a no-debt to low-debt college education. 

While it appears that some students are super smart, talented and or lucky; that is not always the case. Many avoid paying sticker price by becoming smart college shoppers. 

I'm not suggesting that you shop for a college education based on price. Rather, consider educating yourself about the college application process and utilizing best practice strategies that help insure attendance at your "best fit college" with little or no debt. Here are some quick and easy things you can do to insure your own sale vs sticker price college education.

•Create a Reach-Target-Safety list of colleges to apply to, that matches your unique student profile. When colleges see a unique connection between you and them, they are more likely to offer merit aid.

•Consider Colleges That Guarantee to Meet 100% of Demonstrated Need and those committed to a no-student-loan policy.

•Explore small private colleges that have large endowments, which often translates into deep scholarship pockets.

•Before you apply look at to see if the school you're thinking about has a generous merit and financial aid policy.

•Speak to your prospective college's financial aid office and ask about all existing scholarships. 

•Check individual college departments for department specific scholarships.

•Become a smart college shopper by attending a Think College Access workshop.